Paint Thinner. Klean-Strip® Paint Thinner is made with real mineral spirits — making it an excellent thinner for oil-based paint, stain and varnish. Lead based paint removal products. LEAD-OUT® PAINT STRIPPER, DIY paint removal supplies, Industrial and residential removal of lead paint. Safe lead PAINT STRIPPER. Get the Klean-Strip 18 oz. Stripper ESR72, fast stripper’s aerosol spray is excellent for small projects at The Home Depot Two things: 1. This product works exceptionally well. 2. If you get any on your skin, you’ll wish you’d died as a baby. I used this product to take 30 years of exterior paint off of an aluminum sign, and it couldn’t have been easier. The Citristrip 1/2 gal. Safer Paint and Varnish Stripping Gel removes layers of paint, both latex and oil-based paint. Its also effective at removing varnish, shellac and epoxy in 1 step. The stripper has a pleasant citrus scent and is biodegradable. Most important is that its safe for indoor use SOY-Gel™ — effective, effortless, and odorless coating removal—is the result of Franmar Chemical’s 25-year investment in developing effective, economical and safe cleaning solutions from soybeans and natural elements. .

Shop 3m paint and rust stripper silicon carbide 4-in paint stripping disc in the abrasive wheels section of Enviro-Strip an acrylic sealer stripper uses a high powered citrus solution, non-flammable, for removing acrylic paint interior exterior concrete floors. DIY Network experts discuss environmentally friendly PAINT STRIPPERs, which take a little longer to do the job but are safer for the user and the environment. The Silent Paint Remover™- A revolutionary innovation for removing paint & varnish from wood with gentle infrared heat .